Toyota MR2 Radio Plaque

Toyota MR2 Radio Blank Plaque

An old friend I used to work with is massively into his MR2s or anything JDM for that matter. He recently bought his mum an MR2 but the radio cubby blank had some ghastly holes drilled into it by a past owner who tried their hand at installing what we can only assume was an aftermarket immobiliser. When the immobiliser was taken out it left 3 LED sized holes in the plastic. So I was tasked with making a plaque that could cover up all the holes and perfectly fit on the cubby blank.

The plaque was cut using a 1mm endmill to enable to text to be small enough and match the size of the original “TOYOTA” text that was embossed in the original plastic part. I did a few too many step downs therefor the cut took what seemed like forever! But I’m over the moon with the final result! Just some colour infill to add then get it packed and sent.

Toyota MR2 Radio Blank