FAIRYTAIL custom badge

This one was a tough one. Lots of failures and tests before I could get it to be just how I wanted it.

I was contacted through my Etsy page by a customer in America who wanted a badge making up for his friend for his birthday. We had lots of messages back and forth with design tweaks on how to make it work for milling. We settled on the design and it was out to the shed to cut. After a snapped 1mm endmill on settings I KNEW worked perfectly it was on to troubleshooting. In my cutting program there was an area left uncut which still baffles me and goes unexplained which I have now noticed is present on my next custom badge.

The solution was to use a different cutting algorithm that I was unfamiliar with so instead of my usual 0.3mm cutting radius I had to drop all the way down to 15% which meant a very long cut… In the end I was hunched over the mill for 2 hours 55!!!

But I hope the results speak for themselves and the badge is well received once it arrives safely state-side.