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Miata VTEC JV6

Miata VTEC custom badges

Over the moon with this one. Another custom badge for a customer with a Honda JV-6 engine fitted to a Miata under way. Just black colour fill left to sort out then off to the post office! This was the first time using a 1mm endmill on the new mill so was very nerve racking […]


A Long Hiatus

After a very long break due to a career change and 2 house moves I’ve opened up shop again! I’ll be offering a smaller selection of items to start with due to purchasing a new machine so am yet to test a lot of the old parts and the 3D printer has been retired to […]

Mazda MX5 Custom Badge

Custom Badges

So things have been quiet recently whilst I got my new mill up and running and converted to CNC. One of the things I’m hoping to offer through the site very soon is custom rear badges made on the mill. Below are some examples of badges I’ve already done for customers through Facebook or forums. […]

New PU door bushings availabe to preorder!

So the new door bushings are now available to preorder. I made two sets to start with, one for myself and one for a previous customer to test them out and the effects are better than the printed units with much better durability! Preorders are now being taken with the aim to post them on […]

Update on door bushings

With the overwhelming success of the door bushings and people requesting more items which require the use of the printer I had two options. Buy a new printer, or find another way of producing the door bushings. I opted to find another way of producing the door bushings and today have spoken to a supplier […]

Welcome to my new store!

After what I would consider a roaring success with my cup holders and printed bushings I decided to open a store to sell my items through as the volume of orders was becoming difficult to manage whilst being on holiday and having a part time job. So welcome to my store! Here I will sell […]